Einar Westerlund, the Director of the recent Winter 2014 Best Small and Medium Employers (BSME) in Canada Study, at the Queen’s Centre for Business Venturing (QCBV), states, “The business cost of each disengaged employee in an organization is in the neighbourhood of $10,000.” In addition to the major benefits to attracting and retaining engaged employees.

So whilst business leaders push to boost productivity and Human Resources ramble on about engagement and inclusion stuff, the irony is both are seeking the same thing, it just different terminology.

"The study’s data shows that organizations with the most engaged employees achieve:

65% greater share-price increase

26% less employee turnover

100% more unsolicited employment applications

20% less absenteeism

15% greater employee productivity

up to 30% greater customer satisfaction levels"

Having the right people, doing the right job, they actually love doing, and have a natural talent and passion for, will result in a far greater boost to productivity in the short and long term, than any incentive scheme. Particularly if supported by systems and training/mentoring to enable staff to do what they do best, even better.