Agile is a fast paced flat collaborative development approach, designed for software development. Its purpose is delivering customer delight and value, quicker than traditional methods.

Whilst advocates and sceptics differ in their views, productivity, customer satisfaction and quality are the primary benefits if businesses get it right. Examples of getting it right in delivering customer delight and value include Apple, Autodesk and Alibaba who have adopted the Agile approach.

What is Agile’s Achilles heel?

As with all business development processes, the Achilles heel is effectiveness of communication – what’s said and what’s actually perceived by fellow humans.

This is exacerbated with increasingly diverse cultural and skill backgrounds, we perceive and interpret things differently – this is aptly demonstrated with the old game of ‘Chinese Whispers’. Particularly relevant when dealing with tech savvy Programmers and non-tech savvy Clients and customers.

Who to make Agile Work

Getting the communication wrong can be disastrous for the project and business.

Therefore to improve the odds of success, organisations large and small require exceptional communication methods to equip Development teams, Clients and their Customers, to comprehend differences in values, ethics, skills and terminology if they are to achieve a successful result.