Listening to two young children playing (brain storming in adult language), I was in awe of their creativity.

The game they created was to think of all the things houses could be made from. Their examples included such diverse things as clouds, glasses, trees, cars and buses etc., Everytime they came up with a suggestion, which was about every 6 seconds, they reviewed each suggestion (positively) laughing at any potential flaws, houses made from glasses would let rain in, etc. The children left me with the overwhelming feeling, they are closer to the truth, than most adults. Living life with zest. Living it with purpose, never giving in and accepting no. How often in life have we halted at the first fall and given up. Rather than picking ourselves up, not accepting no, and going for it. Sticking to our purpose.

Be it wanting that ice-cream or achieving the dream. The strategy for success is arguably the same. Living life with zest, learning from any falls and keep going.

And then I came across Professor T. Ripaldi's apt "Notes on an unhurried journey"