The inspiring documentary "We are the people we've been waiting for", poses the question - Why do we educate? As education is key to economic survival.

Mammoth Challenge or Opportunity?

Some see a mammoth challenge, but where others (including I) see a mammoth opportunity of working together, to transform our boom to bust economies into a global sustainable economy - of which the education of our young in critical. If we get it right they will have the skills and creativity to survive the changing world, if we get it wrong, they won't.

Expecting educational systems designed to serve the booming industrial revolution with workers is unlikely to trigger an economic recovery this time. Our world is very different. We have;

  • A truly emerging global economy
  • Increasing Environmental changes and uncertainty
  • Accelerating technological reliance
  • Impact of virtual transactions like ‘Bitcoin’ replacing the need for currencies and banks, potentially, in the future.
  • Economic fragility - deflation?
  • Merging of diverse cultures
  • Generational Behavioural Differences

These are far greater than they were hundred and fifty years ago.

What will the Right Education System Look Like?

I don’t know. But the right answer will surely emerge from a collaborative and holistic educational approach, rather than perceiving a hierarchy of importances of skills and talents. As if our society is truly to be sustainable in the future, we need to appreciate, our society is only as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, working together and looking at best practices from around the world, is surely a starting point.

If we must treat our educational establishments as factories, should we not accept both the raw materials and the environment into which the finished products are to be employed has significantly changed? And has an uncertain future?


  1. Bitcoin
  2. Generational Behavioural Differences
  3. Economic Fragility - Deflation?