I love my smartphone, it's my portable office, I take it everywhere. However, I now always switch it to ‘flight mode’ when carrying it around in my pocket, and why I will not have a smart meter? 

In buying smartphones, and agreeing to smart meters, we place trust in the suppliers being honest, transparent and ethical. 

Why is the advice for example “Keep the smartphone at least 0.59 in. (1.5 cm) away from your body” not common knowledge? 

Before you next use your mobile phones, smartphone or agree to having a smart meter in your home. Watch the short ‘Wireless wake-up call’ by Jeromy Johnson video at TEDx Talk and read the legal and RF and safety guide for your devices.

And it is not just mobile phones and smart meters; it’s wifi, X-box, baby monitors, telephone masts, hand-held devices, including tablet computers etc., which use wireless technology and result in the creation of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).

And if you are brave enough, look into EMF effects on plants! 

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