It is not necessarily the specific changes that are likely to cause the impact on society, it is the drastic speed of change.

Drastic change is coming, that is for sure, and it is coming quick with exponential growth in twenty-four sectors (1). Basically all 24 sectors are scheduled to have vertical growth around 2020!

Are our societies and educational systems going to adjust in literally the next few years? To integrate the exponential growth in these twenty-four sectors and in artificial intelligence and automation into how we live, work and shop?  Have you noticed in your local supermarket a decline in number of human cashiers, and growth of self-scanning tills?

Jeff Selingo, author of "There is Life after college", writes an interesting piece relating to the apparent lack of awareness as to the affect of artificial intelligence and automation on the American economic plans.

But are Government Policies and Educational Reform keeping up to speed with advances? If not, we could end up with educated populations, with skills and experiences, businesses no longer need.

Whilst we can regulate safety and compassion into artificial intelligence, we are unlikely to curb entrepreneurial innovation, on the quest of improving performance and cutting costs. Unless our economic model, which societies are based, changes.


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