Visionary leaders have conquered countries and built empires for centuries. Corporations invest millions on leadership training programmes, but is their relevance diminishing? 

In an exponentially changing and evolving world, where employees are increasingly nomadic, the need for the visionary leader creating the vision, inspiring and encouraging their flock is numbered. 

Gianpiero Petriglieri, associate professor of organisational behaviour at INSEAD, informed the CIPD Annual Conference “It’s about being someone who is willing, able and entrusted to articulate, embody and help realise a story of possibility – for a group, at a point in time.” 

Therefore, we need: 

  • Authenticity and Transparency – aiding Trust
  • Articulate and Objectivity – aiding connection and inclusion
  • Correlating Personal and Organisational Values - aiding Relationship Building
  • Caring and Compassion – aiding Sustainability

In order to evolve multiple visions, and developing different levels of organisational consciousness.