There was a lot to take in, in the November 2016 posting 'Deep Impact 2020'.

Breaking the article down into three, we have:

  1. Our world is going through radical change, and by 2020 twenty-four sectors of our world will be in crisis.
  2. The solution is unlikely to lay with a select few experts, as the solution is too complex for conventional silo thinking and pyramid structured decision making.
  3. The power of group intelligence, as substantiated in history when faced with an unfathomable problem, is likely to deliver the solution. 

Getting It Right

To some, the challenge is finding the right solution. 

However, the major challenge is about building long-term relationships with incredible connection and understanding of others':

  • Perceptions - shaped by our life's experience
  • Values - shaped by our life's experience
  • Thoughts - shaped our by life's experience

When seeking to build a relationship with someone, its more important to understand the person's life experiences that have shaped their perceptions, values and thoughts, than the facade you see today.

It’s only when we understand what has made the person, can we build long-term community/group relationships, that are going to last, will we be living sustainably.

It will only be involving community/group needs, through two-way conversation, will we understand what the people want. Otherwise, it's like businesses trying to sell products that ‘they think’ you should have. The result is never quite right.

A recent poignant example as to the strength of involving community needs and 'group intelligence' was the protectors at Standing Rock in 2016, against the wishes of the oil pipeline company. They describe themselves as Protectors, not protestors, using organised peaceful means, and as such are a growing community raising and standing for higher values based decisions.

The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge we face as a world community is not finding the right solution to the economic, political and environmental crises we face before 2020, but bringing about the behavioural change and devising how we bring together the group needs and intelligence of the world, to find the solution to the crises we face. We need to enable our conversations before we can find the solution.

The influence of education, what we learn,  the power of online social networks and community conversations should not be underestimated going forward.