Looking at the media, only a minority are celebrating the UK's Brexit vote and the US's election of President Trump, raising questions how did they come into effect in democratic societies?

Now, as we enter the new paradigms of Brexit Britain, and President Trump's America,  can these be perceived as positive societal initiatives? 

Brexit and President Trump's America are challenging unity and established cultural values, like grit in oyster shells.  If there is no grit in an oyster, there cannot be a pearl. 

  • In the UK - debates grow over immigration, and currency devaluation and cheap capital clash with political uncertainty are raising concerns of large takeovers of UK businesses, and
  • In the US, border wall, travel band and the revoking by Trump's Government of guidance allowing transgender public school students to use toilets matching their gender expression is being perceived a backwards step by some.

Brexit and the US election are in essence acting as societal grit, triggering more people who do not normally share their views, to rise up and speak out. These are increasing the amount of open debate (which is a good thing), much aided by social media, coupled with a bit of grit, are good ingredients necessary for sustainable social change, and for the formation of a pearl of a society . . . in the end.