O2's new thought-provoking advert makes us think about our roles in the universe. We are each unique, and accordingly, O2 plans to offer customers complete control and flexibility over how we use and pay for our phones. This is possible because we live in a democratic society with free enterprise. 

Why can’t we customise our children’s education? 

Remembering, we go to school to give us the best possible start in life and prepare us for the future. We are all different, we are not drones on a production line, we are each unique:

  • How can our children solve the problems we are leaving them – if all their educations are all the same?
  • How can true creativity and innovation be developed by evidence-led learning? - is that not an oxymoron? Creativity and innovation are developed through inspiring curiosity, play, experimentation and courage.
  • How can our children reach their full potential, if they are all trained to perceive the world the same?

True Wisdom?

True wisdom is having the ability to understand things from multiple perspectives . . . is it a 6 or is it a 9 or is it a black line if you view it from the side?