Looking at our world, few will disagree we have a lot to learn. In seeking to understand life, what we consider as living. Some may look to the stars or science. But why not look closer to home – nature, of which we are part.

Peyo is a horse. Just a horse at first glance.  But the words of Michael Neill, an international transformative coach, comes to mind - "it's beyond human".  This may appear stating the obvious, i.e., this is nature, but nature is not chaotic, it just works and adapts. So why can't we? What don't we understand? 

Peyo is a French master dressage horse, who with his owner Hassen Bouchakour, visits the sick in hospitals and care homes. This is not the most extraordinary thing about this story but look at Peyo's eyes in this video as he looks at the young sick man in bed. Peyo's eyes are surreal. When I look into his eyes, he stops being (just) a horse, but something profoundly intelligent. The eyes are so deep, you can lose yourself in them - they have such a sense of knowing. So humbling. Making our human conflicts seem like childish squabbles.

Marie Lombard, a geriatrician doctor, said we must not seek explanations for everything. But if we were seeking an explanation, do you think we would find it when we begin to be aware of more of the 99.99999950% of the 400 billion bits of information per second our brains pick up, that we are not aware of? If yes, then we ought to start looking within for the answers.