There is a paradigm shift emerging from this pandemic period. Historically, human behaviours had a bias towards competing and controlling, coming from a mindset of lack, insecurity, fear and feeling insignificant. 'Competition and Control 'was king.

The solutions evolving, from the 2020 pandemic period, are demonstrating and proving ‘Collaboration and Community’ is the new emerging king.

The key to perpetuating a state of competition and control was secrecy. Whereas with collaboration and community, transparency is the key.

The competition and control mindset has proved destructive to the natural harmony of life, by perpetuating a selfish culture founded on fear – leading to unsustainable organisations, alienation and destruction of communities and natural resources, putting our ecosystem out of balance. It’s like removing parts from a mechanical clock movement, and expecting it to still keep time. Which is something to be mindful of in our decisions and behaviours as we move forward into 2021.

Which reminds me of Brandy Vaughan’s words (who has recently passed),