The short answer is to follow your gut (brain) instincts.

A longer answer is, there are children soon to be celebrating their first birthday who are growing up potentially having never had a hug from their grandparents, aunties and uncles. Missing out on (essential) physical acts of love, or never had meals out or attended a party. And not seeing smiles on peoples’ faces. This is their normal, this is shaping their perception and beliefs of their world, leading to them having potentially limiting self-beliefs and anxieties in later years.

For us older ones, the earth’s "sixth mass extinction is well underway", which is why we are hearing so much about the 'Great Reset', as things need to change. We need to decide which path to take to ensure humanity survives. We don’t have a spare planet. But the ‘Great Reset’ as its termed, is not our only option.

Sixth Mass Extinction Survival Options

The emerging survival strategies to save humanity fall into two paths. One of global control and censorship, and the other of collaboration and transparency. Both have noble intentions to save humanity and our planet. But their approaches are poles apart.

1) The Control Path Option

Seeks to establish global control of humanity, as currently set out in the World Economic Forums ‘Great Reset’, and detailed in their interactive 'Transformation Maps' [you don’t have to register or log in, just click on the video panels of interest and drill down] 

The Great Reset’s strap-line ‘Building Back Better’ centres on top down solutions; Controlling economics; being heavily reliant on the Fourth industrial revolution (5G); World Health with vaccines; Redesigning jobs and much more when you drill down into the interactive schematic details.

The associated escalating amounts of censorship of the media (akin to modern-day book burning) which we are witnessing is helping control the information we are receiving, removing material that is deemed contrary to the ‘Great Reset’ storyline.

2) Collaborative Path Option

In contrast to the control path, there are multiple collaborative international ventures seeking to save humanity. The most prominent and established one being ‘The Thrive Movement’  which has brought together a truly international collaborative community of specialists and interested parties working together in twelve sectors – which has been established for 10 years. Working with one goal, seeking to deliver bottom up sustainable solutions; including restoring agricultural biodiversity and carbon balance, with new technologies and technologies previously suppressed like Nikola Tesla’s free energy. Specific details of such are not yet in the public domain, for security reasons. As experience has proved if they make public their developments, they are attacked.

Choosing the Right Path

Regardless of which path you decide to take, there is fear and anxiety as we change direction from our old normal. From a behavioural perspective, this is when our reptilian brain kicks in and takes control, with heightened senses, looking for danger. Things become black and white, right and wrong. There is little meaningful discussion or debate, which is evident when we look at (social) media at the moment. People are entrenching and have short fuses. This is a natural behavioural response, as our senses are telling us we are fighting for our survival. Our instincts are to survive and for many, we naturally wish to try and save as many people as possible - by bringing them with us, especially our loved ones. It’s natural to strongly encourage them to follow our particular line of thinking – because we care. We are doing our best, working with what we feel we know and believe to be true. This can be frustrating.

But, there are only two possible outcomes, regardless of which path we take;

a) A Right and Wrong Outcome - which means depending on which path we take, it will either have a non-favourable or favourable outcome. Looking on the positive side, we have a 50:50 chance of getting it right.

b) A None Event Outcome - which means regardless of the path we take, the outcome is an anti-climax, and neither choice turns out as expected.

Be Kind

Regardless, of the outcome, be it a right and wrong or a none event, we need to be kind to each other now, and hope the generation growing up now will be saying “thank you” to us, rather than “what were you thinking?” in 10 years’ time. As many of us are grateful to our parents and grandparents for their efforts and decisions enabling us to have the freedoms we have today.

If you see someone about to take a risky action, and after making them aware of the dangers, they proceed anyway and suffer. Telling them I told you so, after the event, would not be helpful. The main thing is to be kind and to help them. Furthermore, if we take the wrong decision and we’ve encouraged others to follow, we are going to feel tremendous guilt. Is this what we want?

If we force our beliefs and views on others, we run the risk of damaging our relationship with them. We are born with free-will, which is why we don’t like being told what to do. If it all ends up being a none event, we’ve ruined our relationships with the people we care for and arguably were trying to save. Therefore, we need to be kind to each other - we are all doing our best. 

When we are kind, to ourselves and others, we are more likely to make progress. Kindness goes a long way, we never know what others have gone, or are going through.

Love and Compassion

John Lennon in 1967 wrote the song, “All You Need Is Love”. But love is not all we need. For love to be sustainable and last the test of time, we need compassion. If we love someone, and they do something that stops you from loving them, that’s one relationship ended. However, when a loved one does something that hurts us, and we have compassion, coming from a position of understanding, that they were doing their best, working with what they felt they knew and believe to be true. There emerges compassion. Like the love of a parent to a child, who’s made a poor decision. Yes, it’s a shame they made the poor decision, but the parent’s love remains.

Going Forward

The next time you see or hear something that you consider is wrong. Pause, and literally ask your heart (brain) “how would love respond?” Be kind and enquire why they believe what they do.

Asking questions and taking risks is how we learn. Collaboration and sharing perspectives lead to wisdom. “True wisdom is the ability to hold multiple perspectives” [Grant Soosalu, co-creator mBraining].

If the outcome of what we are going through is going to have a wrong and right outcome, let’s be transparent and kind, ask questions and be caring, so we each can use our free-will to make the best decision we can. And, for those without the courage to ask, or fear they may overthink things, I recommend you use your body’s neurological wisdom and follow your gut (brain’s) instincts. Our instincts have kept humanity alive for over 200,000 years, they have a proven track record. So pause and literally ask your gut-brain which is the right path to take.

All You Need is Love . . . and Compassion; for each other and our planet.

Further Reference

I invite you to watch the following 22-minute video about the Chinese New Year - the year of the Metal Ox. In some ways it has nothing, and in other ways, everything to do with how we approach 2021.