April 1 is April Fools’ Day for many, a time for silly jokes and fun, and Easter (which is around the corner) for Christian’s is symbolic of new beginnings  . . .  and for children, typically a time for chocolate Easter eggs, rabbit ears and Easter egg hunts. This year we may not feel much like having fun and feeling joyous, but;

a) It’s good for the children to remember

b) Fun and joy behaviours create health inducing endorphins  

Endorphins are important as they are physiological regulators of the immune response. i.e., the more endorphins we produce the better our immune response.

And in the spirit of fun and joy, let me share my full repertoire of jokes;

Why did the toilet roll, roll down the hill?

Answer: because it wanted to get to the bottom.

You may be thinking that was a bad joke. That was not a bad joke, it was a bum joke.

What did the toilet roll say to the other toilet roll?

Answer: I’ve been ripped off.

Welcome to Spring and the time for new beginnings