After COVID- 19, things will not return to the old normal. It is too early to predict what exactly our 'new normal' economy, society and business practices will be. The 'New Normal' will, however, be determined by how people are behaving now. Be that judging, threatening, putting people down and being selfish or helping, caring and 'paying it forward'. We will remember how people behaved when the chips were down. In the UK, the NHS, like other health providers around the world, has proven to be the real heroes in this challenge.

'Lest we forget' when we design our 'new normal'. Being open, curious, seeking deeper truths about what has happened and why; and the behaviours we've witnessed. Appreciating, behind every selfish action, are underlying fears of lack. It is only when we understand each other's values, can we truly comprehend the reasons for other's behaviours and actions. Therefore, to be effective, we must never take anything on face value. 

Your Next 15 Minutes

Our 'New Normal' is dependent upon what ‘You’ do in the next 15 minutes. Will you move onto the next sound bite of news and leave your future in the control of others? Or will you take action and spend the next 15 minutes helping shape the future of humanity by taking this global values assessment? We have to choose whether to be a spectator or a player in our world - and it’s a lot easier to influence how things play out if we are taking action in the game. 

A Behavioural Coach's Perspective

As a behavioural coach, I love and have high regard for Barrett Values Centre's personal and cultural values assessments, and as an organisation. And from now until the 15 May 2020 Barrett Values Centre is 'paying it forward' and conducting a free Global Cultural Values Assessment of the world's population.

Furthermore, as a behavioural coach, I know an individual's values influence their behaviours. If humanity as a whole, privately shares their values, and these are collated and shared with the world anonymously. Our Societies and our respective national leaders will know, far better than they have ever known before, what we truly value and motivates us as nations and as a world population. So, rather than Political Parties speculating our desires for the future, or them promoting their particular vision for the future for us, we can take this rare opportunity to help shape our vision for the 'new normal' post-COVID 19.

Action Steps

The Global Cultural Values Assessment takes just 15 minutes to complete, and in return, you can attend the Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment Results webinar on 20th May 2020. 

1) Vote for now for how you want our new world normal to be.

2) Share this link with your friends and connections, as working together, we are better, as evolution is an inclusive process if its to be sustainable. And you have to be in it, to shape it!