The deep impact 2020 has nothing to do with a comet hitting Earth. 2020 is when, according to the International Geosphere Biosphere Program  (IGBP), after three decades of research, shows twenty-four biological sectors, which have exponential growth reaching infinite growth.  

Even if just one reaches infinite growth, we are in for a rocky ride - putting the fears of BREXIT and US elections into total insignificance.

If you comprehend the maths, for infinite growth in no time at all and the bigger picture of the likes of exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and escalating frequency of outdated laws and regulations, on our economies and world, then in aviation terms, we are heading for a crash. Even NASA’s planned journey to Mars in 2030 looks too late.

The International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme

The IGBP research programme studied the phenomenon of global change from 1986 – 2015, a coordinating body of national science organizations. It closed in 2015, presumably as the outcome was all too clear.

The twenty-four sectors included; world population, urban populations, Primary Energy Use, Water Use, Surface Temperature, Carbon Dioxide, Paper Production, Fertilizer consumption, Telecommunications, Nitrous Oxide, Martine Fish Capture, Ocean Acidification, Tropical Forest Loss, Domesticated Land, Terrestrial Biosphere Degradation etc. And all on a finite planet.

What Now?

Freezing with fear is not an option, we are where we are. But what should we do? Will the human race survive? Yes, probably as nature adapts. But as to how many, you can estimate for yourself. What's vital is we change and determine the right direction now, to minimise the impact.

Fighting perceived enemies is not the solution, they are part of the solution. There is no point destroying the very people who can help.

Leadership Change

This is not the time for visionary leadership, it’s the time for authentic leaders connecting our world, authentic leaders connectinghuman and nature, together, as we are critically linked. Our world is a jigsaw, and we need to learn how we fit it all together. I have every faith we have everything we need to solve this.

The Right Direction?

Will one visionary leader have the answer or will the answer of the collective be right?  Traditional visionary leadership has got us this far. 

The right direction is likely to be the one determined by the collective wisdom with a wide range of knowledge, as demonstrated in 1968, in finding the lost U.S. submarine Scorpion – which was otherwise a lost cause. It was eventually found by the power of ‘group intelligence’ (3).

Time to Throw Away the Law Book?

Rules and laws are like a medieval Knight’s metal armour -they are rigid and designed to preserve and safeguard life. Soldiers no longer wear metal suits of armour, as they are too heavy and rigid to aid swift movement.

How often have you come across an outdated law or regulation? As we approach 2020, many of our fixed rules and regulations will be holding us back (4).

What’s the Answer?

If we look at nature, and our human bodies, our head brain does not rule with an iron rod with fixed rules, our bodies are like mini worlds, comprising different communities, as organs, and the security system as our immune system. Yes, our DNA is a kind of blueprint, but its not a fixed plan, as we evolve from baby to adult, it's a set of cultural values upon which our bodies systems make decisions.

Like in nature, of which we are part. Nature is a self regulating and self managing system and adapts naturally, without fixed rules. If for example some insects become too prevalent, nature finds a predator to address the balance, same as nature is addressing the balance against pesticides, with weeds growing resilient, same as bacteria is evolving resilience to antibiotics.

So its time we too, evolve our regulatory systems to match nature. Its time for self regulating and self managing systems, based on our collective’s values, so we can evolve inclusivily too.

The Emerging Future . . . on the right Path

Based on my research the right direction involves:

  1. Assessing our ‘Values’ from which we can create self regulating and self managing organisations. Values have already been applied to whole countries, illustrating what the country's values are, making it practically clearer for Politicians, leaders and policy makers to make decisions.
  2. Values Based Organisations are emerging, as discovered by Frederic Laloux, after three years of research, in his 2014 book ‘Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations’ in which he explains the emergence of Teal organisations. 
  3. An Inclusive Economy - building an economy that works for everyone.

Are Teal Organisations the Right direction? 

Are Teal, self regulating and self managing organisations, the right direction? Yes, and if we choose another direction, that will be right too? Why? Because no matter which direction we choose, its outcome will provide us with the right lesson. It’s just a matter of how harder a lesson we want to learn, and leave for our children to sort.

The Future of Government Systems

Will we see fixed Government laws and regulations being replaced by ‘Values’ based (Teal) decision making systems, empowering and uniting nations of the world? Time will tell, and we have not got long to wait.


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