Psychologist Roy Baumeister and John Tierney, in their book 'Willpower', found that when they isolated the personal qualities that predict ‘positive outcomes’ (i.e., success in life), they consistently found two distinguishing qualities: intelligence and 'self-control'. 

Why is Self-control and Utilising Practical Neuroscience Important?

The majority of schools focus on improving intelligence. But what about enhancing self-control and self-awareness?

Self-control and Self-awareness are the same things. It is established self-awareness is essential for entrepreneurs, business and leaders. Which raises the question, should self-awareness be an integral part of the educational system? Should our children be offered the educational choice?

Self-control, Self-awareness, Willpower and Emotional Regulation, all have one thing in common. They require us being conscious of our subconscious thoughts and actions - knowing one's self.

Practical Neuroscience (mBraining) is helping us develop understanding our how we (should) be making decisions - by enabling us to access the billions of bits of information per second that we are currently not conscious of, as it's in our subconscious. 

The topic of further improving willpower and self-control is introduced by Nils Salzgeber, in his review of Roy Baumeister and John Tierne's book "Willpower". And is recognised as the root to most major personal and social problems . . .