Dr Joseph Dispenza (2006) ‘What the Bleep!? – Down the Rabbit Hole’ film, declared “The brain processes 400 billion bits of information a second, but we are only aware of 2000 of those”. Put simply we only are perceiving 0.0000005% of the information! Or put another way, we are not aware of 99.99999950% of the information we are picking up. We’ve only just started. We are in Standby mode.

Dr Dispenza also stated “The infinite information that the brain is processing every single second tells us that there is more to the world than we are perceiving. However, every single time we are immersed in an experience with our senses; seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling, as we are immersed centrally in our reality” .It’s our sense organs which dictate our perception of our world.

So how do we ‘Switch On’?

Time will tell as to the how, but re-visiting the content of the Down the Rabbit Hole film sheds hope and light into how we might improve our meagre 0.0000005% perception, by enhancing our perception levels from our sensory organs:

1) Multiple Brain Integration - emerging neuroscience of the existence of our multiple brains (head, heart and gut), by enhancing with practice our perception levels from our sensory organs.

2) Music, Sound and Quantum Physics – the integral importance of sound is escalating in emerging science with the sound being found to communicate with atoms – in Quantum Physics

  • Divine 9 Music - in our hyper-rational world, the effects of the arts, namely music/sound is increasingly establishing credibility, with such things as ‘Divine 9 music’ is a new music mood based on the principles of the spiral order in nature rather than linear.
  • Gary Malkin Music - the recent compositions of musician Gary Malkin
  • John Levine Music - Another established musician is Australian born pianist John Levine, with his specific form of Alpha music. Over the past decade, his music has attracted over 200 testimonials and endorsements from professionals and users. John’s music has no conventional structure of composition; instead, it has a natural ebb and flow.

Three interesting facts, from rudimentary science and biology, is everything apparently started with the ‘Big Bang’, a fetus’ first sense is that of hearing and hearing is regarded to the last sense to go. Therefore, the integration of sound into ‘Switching us on’, sounds exceptionally logical.


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