With Time Magazine, with its 25 million global readers, covering Mindfulness, this month, does this mean the world is ready to accept we have multiple brains?

Over the past decade neuroscience has discovered we have complex and neural networks (functional brains) in both our heart and gut, in addition to our head.

So with science finally catching up with insights from esoteric and spiritual traditions, once thought to be WooWoo, the newly emerging field of mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) is providing guidance to understanding the scientific basis of our gut intuitions, heart-felt emotions and head-based creative powers.

But I sense we are at the stage of evolution where we have a mixture of Flat Earth Society (one brain) believers and a small growing number of Multiple Brain believers. mBIT may not make you better at playing Chess, but it helps making those crossroad decisions, developing personal wisdom by integrating our multiple brains/intelligences and improving personal performance.

Ref: http://www.mbraining.com/

Video: http://mbraining.co.uk/training-video/